N1 Compound Bow Forest Camo RH

N1 Compound Bow Forest Camo RH

M1 Compound Bow Forest Camo RH

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M1 is perfect for archers at any size and any experience level.

Draw length is adjustable without a professional bow press. Adjustability ranges from 19" to 30".

Draw weight is adjustable ranges from 19 to 70lbs.

Bow limbs are made from U.S. Gordon composite, aluminum alloy bow riser, CNC machined bow cam with 7075-T6 high-grade alloy.

BCY material bow string.


Draw length: 19-30" adjustable without bow press
Draw weight: 19-70lbs
Weight: 3.31lbs
IBO Rate: 320fps
Axle to Axle: 28"
Brace Height: 7"
Let-Off: 80%
Draw Weight: 19-70lbs
Bow Riser: Aluminum
Draw Length: 19-30" (Adjustable without a bow press)
Bowstring: BCY-X
String Length: 55.55"
Cable Length: 30.78"
Grip: Composite/Soft Touch

Package Content

1 x Compound bow M1
1 x 5 pin bow sights with sight lumination TP1550
1 x Brush arrow rest TP812
1 x Rubber bow stabilizer TP612
1 x Braided bow sling TP313
1 x Peep sight TP512 assembly, 2 pcs replacement
1 x D-Loop assembly,1-meter replacement
1 x Bow release TP416
1 x Arrow bag TP740
1 x Allen key TP111
1 x Bowstring wax TP108
12 x 30" Fiberglass arrows (starter pack)
12 x 30" Carbon mix arrows (upgraded pack)
1 x Soft bow case TP88 (upgraded pack)
1 x Arrow quiver TP715
1 x Bow users manual

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